November Love Note: Ace of Earth—Be the Light You Seek


It’s truly remarkable that we are wrapping up another year, one full of challenges, miracles, epiphanies, and bewilderment. Once you adjust to a certain vibe, the vibe shifts, and you’re left to re-adjust your sails once again. But of course, as any spiritual seeker already knows, this is exactly how life goes. The unpredictable turns of life most likely led you to seek deeper meaning through spirituality and divine connection. 

I like to view my spiritual center as my compass—a tool that never wavers and always guides me where I need to be. My home base, my center. When operating from this vantage, even the most unpredictable shift becomes navigational. In fact, it is the Earth’s very own magnetic force that keeps a compass working. So when you ground down into the Earth to center, you align with the very energy you need to succeed forward. 

Which is why the Ace of Earth is November’s Tarot card pull. Aces are about energetic progress forward, forcefulness, and independence. They indicate something new is on the horizon and carry an energy similar to many of the Major Arcana cards. So, the question swirling now is, what new beginning is in store for you? The answer to that depends on which direction you want to go, and what light you will use will guide you there. As the world spins, now and always, the big question to answer is this: where’s your True North? 

November is a time when you may reflect on the material things in your world: security, stability, physical health, safety, and resources. Take time now to write out your plans for 2024. Make two categories: what you are ready to release and what you want to bring in. You can use the November moon calendar as your place-markers, with the New Moon on Monday, November 13th. And the Full Moon on Monday, November 27th. During these two weeks, be intentional with your thoughts and reflect on what you are responsible for, accountable to, and deliberate about. List EVERYTHING initially—current situations, realities, dreams, and forward plans. Then, release what you can to make space as the New Year approaches. Lead with your best (your center, your compass) and release what you are ready to give back energetically for healing and renewal into the Earth. For guidance on how to utilize meditation when grounding to the Earth’s energy, check out my meditation programs here. Each program is designed to facilitate releasing and restoring—feel into which one feels right for you at this time. 

As the days get shorter and darkness comes earlier, you have the ability to keep your inner flame lit. There are many ways to combat the emotional tides shorter days bring: yoga, movement, and dance. Many also wake up earlier to be more in tune with the light world. Follow your body’s natural rhythms and absorb as much light as you can externally while keeping your inner light steady. Time is a construct most of us must honor throughout the day. Utilizing that time in a way that supports your spiritual growth is always important, but the winter months make it a necessity. 

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