June Love Note: King of Earth—Root to Rise


Summer has officially begun, launching during Gemini season, of course, and the spirit of adventure and play is calling, making it hard to keep sight of your responsibilities. With Gemini at the helm, this push-pull energy between work and play can be quite intense. Now, of course, there are times when it’s important and necessary to play the day away. Fun is crucial to your well-being. And since it feels so good, we can tend to get carried away.

Our Tarot card that accompanies the month of June is the King of Earth. Earth is all about stability, security, safety, and physical well-being. The King in this element is not afraid to work hard, provide for themselves and others, and focused on goals; he is steady, stable, and diligent. So how do you merge this Gemini energy of play with the Capricorn/King vibes of stability?

The key to honoring this urge to play and stay grounded rests in your core values, daily habits, and what matters most to you. Summer is the perfect time to practice movement meditations in nature. It’s an excellent way to feel both light and grounded, inspired and lifted by the expansiveness of nature while still touching the Earth.

So… in the spirit of play, I have a field trip for you to accept if you so desire: go for a walk in nature, and find a stone or rock you feel connected to. It doesn’t matter what size, shape, color, or type of stone—just something that catches your eye or connects with your soul. This will become your meditation stone, i.e., your Touchstone. Make a list of what is important to you (mentally or through journaling), and then place these values, responsibilities, and habits into your Touchstone. Think about the important little things to uphold each day to give room to grow, expand, and have fun. These are not “chores.” They’re gateways to allowing peace and calm and harmony: family balance, financial peace, creativity, honoring your physical form, your spirituality, mental health, emotional security, etc. Creating this Touchstone of what keeps you connected to the Earth is not unlike belaying when rock climbing or asking for help and assistance in an exciting new yoga pose. It allows the freedom and space to move and explore safely. Just as the bed of a stream or river supports and allows the water above to flow.

This is how working with your Spirit Guides feels. Through meditation, you connect, feel the bubbles of ideas and inspiration flowing, tune in, and listen. You remain grounded by your Guides’ Divine Support, allowing you to trust your intuitive hits without fear of falling or failing. They’re both the tether and the wind, making the impossible tangible through the balance of wisdom and exploration of the unknown. If you’re interested in learning more about Spirit Guides and how to connect with yours deeply, I invite you to check out my online Spirit Guide workshop that begins this September.

So, go gather that stone and carry it with you, or place it on your altar; hold it when necessary as a reminder of what matters to you, and keep yourself grounded and focused. This is how you can stay balanced while honoring June’s yin/yang energy. Feel your way into the ebb and flow of summer, and stay centered while you lift off into the high vibes all around.

And speaking of expansion, centeredness, fun, and play, I have two new and exciting workshops to share with you! Both are being held at Esalen in Big Sur, California, this September. The more you are able to tune in and merge the Spirit Realm and the Earth School together, the more elegant and enjoyable your life will be. These workshops and private housing at Esalen will fill up quickly, so secure your spot soon to guarantee enrollment and accommodations of your choosing! 

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Rooted to Rise, Steadiness in Motion…

Love and Light,


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