Living in Harmony with Astrology: Ready, Set, Capricorn, Go!


Welcome to Capricorn Season. It’s no wonder Capricorn rules both the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Solid, steadfast, and loyal, Capricorns navigate the earthly world with efficiency and grace. Let this Capricorn energy give you the momentum to complete this year in a way you can be proud of, and enter into the next with goals and dreams you know you will accomplish.

Capricorns know the value of good work, consistency, dependability, stability, and quality. They are, without a doubt, the most responsible person in the room. Anything, when placed in the hands of a Capricorn, will be taken care of. You no longer need to worry.

Yes, they are known for their tireless work ethic; that’s because work is their pleasure. Work is their service to humanity. They want to better the world. There is a higher calling to their purpose and their passion. There is often sensuality to their work, a tactile approach, something tangible you can physically touch, see, hold and feel. There is pleasure in the proof: “Here’s the report I wrote. Here’s the garden I planted. Here’s the sculpture I built.” Accomplishment is, of course, satisfying for everyone; for Capricorn, that pride and satisfaction speaks to their Soul.

Deeply caring and grounded, Capricorn’s energy adjusts how it moves through the world to make sure you are taken care of. It ebbs and flows, finding the pace and pulse of those around it, so that everyone can understand and move forward together. They make excellent (but tough) teachers, observant and present parents, and loyal partners in business and love.

They leave no man or woman behind. (Or animal, for that matter.) Capricorn understands the natural world and requires time in nature to feel complete. The order and structure of the natural world make sense to them—the steadiness, predictability, and beauty matches their orderly mind, and brings them comfort.

Physical movement is very important for Capricorn energy. Most Capricorns have a dedicated practice such as yoga, running, meditation, or all the above. Routine and discipline keep them balanced, and the structure provides the space in between for daydreaming and playfulness, allowing them to operate at their highest level.

It’s said Capricorn ages backward. They are mature when they’re young, often parenting and providing stability to those around them. As they grow older, they feel a release of their responsibility and become very playful and youthful. It seems the years bring out the best in them. Younger Capricorns carry heavier energy; older Capricorn energy is light and free.

Capricorns love nice things and all the pleasures life bring. Their homes are aesthetically pleasing and balanced. Clothing is appropriate and high-quality. Money, food, and sex are very important. They will not consume food that displeases them, even if they’re hungry. When trust and intimacy are present in a relationship, they will give their all and allow themselves to fall deeply. Money, for a Capricorn, equals freedom, and freedom is something they highly value. It is also tangible proof and the fun reward for a job well done. However, they do not stress, hoard, or place unhealthy importance on money. They save accordingly, keep their bank account balanced, pay their bills on time—and then, they love to share the fruits of their labor with those they love. Money is nothing more than energy, and Capricorns know they will forever work hard and put in the energy required to provide.

Every sign has its challenges, and for Capricorn one of their biggest obstacles is the ability to trust. Their trust is never easy to gain, and they will trust you only after you’ve shown them they can. Know that the trial period is long, and if you break their trust, you will never truly get it back. This lack of trust can create space in relationships—blocking closeness and growth; keeping Capricorn isolated from the depth and joys true intimacy brings.

If you have a Capricorn in your life, remember their work is their play. So when they want to work, let them. The whole world benefits from their ideas and energy. Collaborate and work with them if possible. Any project, whether in business, home, art or learning together, brings out the best in them. Since work is their passion and purpose, they prefer it to be fun (as well as perfect, of course.) Remind them to take a break—take them outside into the bigger world and watch their heart expand. Remember, once they’re finished working, they can be quite playful. Give them the space and opportunity for both.  

To harness Capricorn energy as this year folds into the next, stop and take inventory of your endeavors, purpose, and passion for work. Are you happy in your current work-space? Capricorns teach us work does not have to be miserable; that, in fact, if it’s aligned with your values, heart, curiosity, and creativity, work is a pleasure. Let the imprint you leave on the world uplift, inspire, and contribute to the greater good. Set challenges and goals for the new year, and believe you will absolutely meet and exceed them. If something in your life is broken, fix it or release it. There is no duct-tape allowed. And above all, in true Capricorn spirit, know that you possess the ability to manifest all that you can dream of—right here, right now—on this earthly world.

Love and Light,


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