Ready to Receive

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Think about all the people, things and experiences you want to create in your New Year. Consider those new things on your list, and the refinement that you’re bringing to them, and know that your intentions hold deep and magical power.

That’s because Life is ever-flowing, evolving, and expansive. You are always learning and growing and stretching your horizons—sometimes by choice, sometimes by necessity—it’s all still expansion. Expansion can be invigorating or overwhelming, and often times both. For most, expansion can require a lot of effort and energy.

Now it’s time to try a new move: Instead of over-efforting as you move toward your vision, consider Receiving. Instead of pushing outward in an attempt to manifest your dreams or goals, open yourself up, and create space, to Receive.

Typically when you “go after” a goal, you focus your energy on getting in the action—what do I have to do, where do I need to go, who do I need to be in touch with, and so forth…

But, what if you step back to assess? To do this, drop into your heart-space, and ask yourself the following:

Have I created the energetic space in my life to fulfill this dream or this goal?

Am I emotionally prepared to receive this vision into my life?

We often want something, but yet deep down we might not feel worthy of it, or we doubt that it could really happen. Regardless of the goal is a relationship, a move, or a job, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the emotional, mental, physical, and/or financial energy you’re either creating or denying.

For example, I have a close friend who for years had a vision of being able to sing and play guitar. He saw himself singing with friends, writing a few songs along the way. He already possessed a great voice, and played around a little with the guitar, but yet the years passed on and he didn’t really make any progress. He didn’t make time to practice; he didn’t take time to study. But this past year, he made a change: He decided that this was his year. He committed to making changes in his life so he could work with a teacher and see his vision turn into reality. By opening up that space in his life, and dedicating himself to his dream, and most importantly—believing it could be—he opened himself up to Receive.

I joyfully anticipate beautiful music ahead for him.

So, I ask you: What are you willing and longing to create emotionally and energetically? What can you do to create the sacred space in your heart and your life so that the vision and goals you have—however big or small—can become reality? When you get clear on that, get ready! Because you will Receive. The Universe will be able to move in and match your energy and vision and deliver it into the space and alignment you created from within.

My New Year wish and message for you is this: Be Ready to Receive. Open your Heart. Open it wide and deep and free. Make the space for all that you hold dear to become your reality. Dedicate yourself to You and your dreams, no matter how silly or unattainable you once thought them to be.

When you say Yes to your vision, the Universe says Yes to you. When you open yourself up to Receive, your dreams, goals, and visions will be fulfilled. It’s a beautiful thing.

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