Living in Harmony With Astrology – Aquarius Aspirations


Aquarius energy comes with its own unique vibration. When you think Aquarius, think distinctive perspective, and exceptional intellectual perspectives. Being an Air sign, their ability to process is their strength. This processing does not mean acceptance or rationale, for they are not going to conform in any way shape or form. That is simply not their jam.


Aquarius came to be unique, determined to not only be outside of the box but to not even acknowledge where and what that box is. They like to discover things themselves, and never follow the pack. They are creative: the designers, the inventors, and the lovers of technology because it gives them an edge. They want to be ahead—on the cutting edge of discovery—because that’s where they thrive. If the community or the rules of conformity tries to draw them in, they will rebel and let the winds carry them to the destination they deem fit.

 A heart of service is the core motivator of this very intellectual sign. They care about how they can make things better for the greater good—whether it’s a community or family of five people or a community of five continents. It doesn’t matter. As long as it serves the greater good, they’re all in, and they will break all kinds of rules to achieve that.  

 For this reason, Aquarians are willing to take risks. The challenge is for this unique processor is to make sure ego isn’t leading the way; that the breaking of the rules isn’t a misguided effort to be different. Thoughtfulness and purposefulness must be at the core of their compass.  

 … which leads us to the shadow side of the Aquarian. They can get themselves in turbulent skies when they feel their purpose is justified, even if it rides on deceit or dishonesty. When they are flying with their egos, they will over-ride what’s right, and do what they feel is warranted. This is when the rules they break uplift them but can cause damage to others. Their intellectual processing can create distance from others, serving the very opposite of what they think they are trying to achieve, knocking them off the path.

 For this reason, it’s really important they stay connected to their humanity and ask frequently: who is benefiting from what I’m doing? How am I connecting to a community? Shutting down emotional connections, becoming distant and cold, is a lure many Aquarians have an innate urge to follow.

 If you are an Aquarius, make sure you are fostering deep emotional connections, because this is actually where you get your inspiration to serve at a higher level. This is your super-power; simultaneously your biggest challenge and greatest gift. If you are with an Aquarius, you must challenge yourself and them to stay present in their emotional bodies. In small ways, and big, do not allow them to separate, i.e. fly away, into the distance.

To harness Aquarian energy remember it’s possible (and ideal) to bring both your heart and your brain to the world at large. This does not make you vulnerable. It makes you a better partner, a better parent, a more compassionate leader, and ultimately serves your core mission fully. Individual, heart-centered connections are the key to manifesting your dreams, desires, and goals here on this earthly plane.

Love and Light,


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