Ready to Receive – Part 2 / Open Up and Let it Flow

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It seems like being able to receive whatever it is you’re asking for would be a natural state. It’s so easy to make requests: I wish I had ‘this’, I desire ‘that’. If you think about it, we ask for things all the time. Even daily requests at work, such as, “Can you get this to me by Friday?” are in fact, an expectation and desire to receive.

You may have set your New Year goals, created your vision board, declared yourself ready, but how much attention do you pay to truly being Open to Receive? If asking is a natural state, it seems as though being open to receive would be natural as well. Ironically, we don’t spend much time on the art of true Openness—we may ask for much, feel ready to receive it, set our expectations and intentions—but the openness to change, and willingness to go with that flow as the Universe comes in to play, is essential. Being Ready and Open go hand-in-hand. One cannot exist without the other.

Take for example: you may desire a new relationship in your life. You’ve done “the work”, i.e., centered yourself, practiced massive self-love and self-care; taken the time necessary to both honor and release your previous relationship(s). You believe you’re Ready to Receive, and you most likely are. But are you Open, truly and fully, to what you truly desire? As I mentioned in part one of this blog, when you declare you are Ready, the Universe will hear your call. A closed heart is like a closed door, so when you make the call, make sure you are open to receive. Opening that door takes dedicated intention.

When we ask things of the Universe; when we are sharing our hearts desires of what we truly wish for, setting the intention is EVERYTHING. So let’s break down what that intention can be for receiving, and the best way to create a state of Openness:

First, you want to Amplify your Energy and your Focus, increasing the odds that you’ll get what you want. To do this, you must fully expect and believe that what you are asking for will happen. You have to stay focused on your vision—determined and believing whole-heartedly it will manifest in the way that it is supposed to.

That being said, careful not to attach your Ego to the end-state. Often times, we make requests and we attach our ego to it. We feel entitled to possess or acquire that which we desire. It is extremely important to not let ego or entitlement be the driving force to your vision. This type of manifestation and receiving does not allow the space necessary for You, the Universe, and the other energies at play, to bring the best path forward. This leads to resentment, which lowers your vibration, and stifles the creative process and energy needed to see your true vision through to fruition.

Instead, know that you will have to work for what you desire. Fuel that knowing with passion and excitement. This type of amplification increases the odds of whatever your end-state is being true and authentic. Envision your Heart over-flowing with Love. Wrap this love around that which you desire—this will charge your emotional field, raise your vibration and keep the energy expansive, strong and fluid.

And finally, no matter if you have what you’re trying to manifest, seal your ability to receive in gratitude. Hold your vision as the baseline. Let the universe know: this is my wish. I trust with an open heart that this, or something even better that I’m unaware of yet, will come to me through dedication, faith, trust, and an ever-loving open heart. Thank the Universe in advance for all that is coming your way.

Live as though this day—the day you decide to open up and begin a new venture—is the very first day of your new life. Release what you consider past mistakes, failures, misfires, and decisions from your mindset. It is a gift to be on this ever-unfolding journey we call life. There will be challenges of course, for we all fall face-down in the dirt while walking our path. The important thing is to not lose sight and the wonder of it all as you work toward what you envision and wish to manifest here on this plane, at this time, in this life. There is no timeline, and there is no guarantee, but when you open your heart and live in an open, receptive state to receive—you can’t help but fall in love with the Magic and Beauty-the Yin and the Yang and the Wonder of it all.

Love and Light,


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