Living in Harmony with Astrology—Intuitive Pisces Dream-state


Pisces are the Dreamers of our world, floating away like the fish sign that illustrates them, representing the energy of two fish swimming in opposite directions. When you’re dealing with a Pisces—whether it be in Sun, Moon or Rising, you have to remember that they have to flow in their own current. And the tricky part is… the current is always changing. And for that reason, Pisces can be difficult to pin down, because they HAVE to go with their own flow. And that flow is ever-changing.

Pisces are fluid and adaptable, capable of doing anything they set out to accomplish. However, the quickest way to kill their spirit is to make them do the same thing over and over and over again. Just like the currents they swim with, their environment and life must be ever-changing and flowing. When they are pinned down / stuck in a mucky situation, they tend to just totally give up, emotionally gasping like a fish that’s been taken from the waters.

Pisces are emotional. They experience and process things so deeply that the waves on the surface are not their friends. The reality of life often leaves them feeling like they’re swimming against the current, exhausting them in every way. They prefer to dive deep into the essence of something, and to do so requires tremendous amounts of personal space to daydream, process, and intuit. All of the little chit-chats, idle gossip, or networking events… none of that interests a Pisces. The mundane and boring will never hold a place of value in the Pisces spirit.

Pisces love the energy of relationships, specifically romantic ones and the sexual intimacy they can bring. Anything that takes them into another dimension, levels them up and out of this earthly plane for a bit, that is what they adore. If they could live in a constant state of orgasmic bliss they would.

The part they’re not so good at in relationship is the repetition and mundane that long-term co-habitation brings. Pisces need alone time to dream and reset their emotions. They are completely comfortable with silence and solitude.

The Pisces intensity is obvious, but they don’t really say anything to indicate their preference to be silent, which can make people uncomfortable when navigating these quiet currents.

If you are in an intimate relationship with a Pisces, it can be difficult to figure out how to support them and meet their needs. With so much happening beneath the Pisces surface, you can feel like you’re not together as a whole. We live in a hyper-verbal culture that often overwhelms the Pisces and they appear to check-out.

Know that they aren’t leaving or avoiding you. They’re just processing and internally re-grouping; trying to find the right way to express themselves verbally while staying true to their organically introverted nature. A Pisces partner is more apt to “show” not tell. So look for little cues, gifts and non-verbal signs of Love. They will always be more expressive with their actions than their words. If you give them specific desires and needs, they’ll do their best to take care of you. But know also that this is not a sustainable lifestyle for a Pisces. They’ll rise up, and then they’ll float away. One way to keep the relationship flowing is to let them know your boundaries, and ask them where their boundaries lie.

One of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac, Pisces can slip into meditation effortlessly. A stream of creative energy runs powerfully through them. When they are in the creative flow or deep into meditation, they seem to enter another dimension. Psychic energy runs strong in Pisces.

Therefore, when Pisces energy is imbalanced, they are susceptible to finding the bliss and feeling of being in another dimension via external resources. The kryptonite for Pisces is drugs and alcohol. Anything that takes them to an altered state they view as a good thing because they enjoy and feel a sense of home there. The truth is these habits rob Pisces of who they came to be on this planet. Substance abuse prevents Pisces from expressing their true self and sharing their depth, emotions, joy and visionary gifts with the world.

If you are a Pisces who struggles with substance abuse, consider only using substances in a Sacred, supervised way. To elevate, not avoid. Boundaries are your friends, and you can set them accordingly without losing your grip on reality and your ability to swim through this world with clarity and vision. Water flows into cracks and surfaces, seeking every little space to break through boundaries. So it is essential you stay centered and aware of your own tendencies to self-destruct/flood your own world. If you need help with these boundaries please seek professional support or attend a local AA meeting, click here for locations near you.

Here’s the caveat: Pisces do long to be ‘normal.’ It’s not that they try to live in a perpetual dream-state. They know they are complicated and elusive, so they do try and desire to fit in. Know this does not come naturally to do; but if you have a Pisces in your life who does seem to flow and relax your presence or environment, that’s a rare gift because it means they feel completely comfortable there. There’s nothing like witnessing and feeling a Pisces open up, smile, and be present in the space they’re in; for often though their body may be there, their mind and heart are not.

A Pisces ultimate challenge is to find the balance between the dream state and the Earth plane. To set boundaries, goals, and learn when to say Yes and when to say No.

To honor and channel the Pisces energy all around each of us, remember that finding that meditative trance state can be a powerful tool for growth, vision, and clarity. That your Intuition is real and can guide you to your ideal life-path and journey. Remember quiet time is quality time, that solitude is not loneliness, and stepping back and diving in is essential in order to hear the intuitive hits that speak to all of us. Dive deep, and remember to come up for air.

Set clear boundaries, and listen to what your body needs… not craves. Learn the difference. One fills you up properly and is self-care; the other can lead you to self-destruction.

Take a moment to observe the beauty here in this world, right now, and know that your dreams can be your reality. Just like the two fish that this sign represents, it is possible to swim balanced and true to your deepest Heart’s desire.

Love and Light,


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