May Love Note: Seven of Fire—Doing “The Work”


The energy of May has brought many of you to a space of Questioning. We’ve finally freed ourselves of winter’s grip. We’ve seen tangible proof of rebirth and renewal through the gifts of nature and her buds and blooms. Every shade of green is visible to you now when you step outside, yet you may find yourself wondering: Am I growing, blooming, following the right path?  Unlike the visual representations of growth you see externally all around you, this questioning lies within. It is deep yet kind. It is full of Taurus energy—asking you to slow down, pause, and reflect. Let this inner stirring lead you to question your values and what has meaning to you. Unlike the Aries energy of last month, which is quick, bold, and impatient, this new energy is slow, steady, and patient—asking you to practice being uncomfortable so that when the answers to your questions arise, you will rejoice in their beauty and clarity.

Our Tarot card for this month is Seven of Fire. In Tarot, the number seven represents introspection, inner faith and trust, silence, protectiveness, and getting down to the fundamentals of your personal truth. There is the potential for refinement obtained through reflection. On the other hand, the fire element is bursting with fearlessness, creativity, and impulsive energy. If unconfined, this fire energy can leave you feeling restless, agitated, and full of doubt. Practicing patience in the middle of fire can be tough. So, how can you stay centered? First, simply acknowledge this stirring and be present with yourself. Notice what you notice when you feel the pull to spin. Take note of your thoughts and feelings with compassion and awareness. Honor your sensitivities and plan for downtime to process. Go easy on yourself, for how do you know what you don’t know yet? Find your focus through journaling, mindfulness practices, reading—whatever brings you comfort and helps reset your nervous system. This is how you use the Seven energy in a productive way. This is how you keep the fire burning gently and controlled.

Second, seek outside guidance. Though the seven represents inner work, asking for feedback and perspective from those you deeply trust helps clear the clutter that can pile up in your mind. We can be so hard on ourselves, struggling to see our options, gifts, and unique space in this world. Asking for feedback with an inquisitive and curious mind can open up space you haven’t tuned in to previously. And don’t forget to seek spiritual guidance too. Drop in and check in with your Spirit Guides so you can hear their feedback. I’ve run into so many people recently during Tarot readings who are feeling this restlessness too. Know that you are not alone in your quest for inner expansion. Many who are tuned-in are asking themselves the same questions: How do I do this? What’s my best move? I don’t know what I need, but this path doesn’t feel right.

With six planets in Taurus currently (!), the answers you seek will rest in your values and standards. So create the space to update what truly matters to you. Plants those seeds of intention and inquiry deep so they have room to root and gain the strength to rise. Remember, it is through stillness that you’ll find your focus. The Earth is still now, too—taking a breath between spring’s gentleness and summer’s heat. Let that inspire you to do the same.

For those of you looking to expand your connection to Spirit, I have several upcoming workshops to share:

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Spirit Guide Workshop at Esalen
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This class is for the moderately experienced spiritual seeker who is energetically sensitive, open, and curious to receive support from beyond the veil. Previous meditation practice is helpful but not required.

Tarot 2 – Taking Tarot to the Next Level
I’ll lead my upcoming Tarot Level 2 course in-person on August 11-13th in Cincinnati, Ohio. Enrollment is limited. This is a VERY high-touch, high engagement, high-return intensive. If you love tarot or have been searching for a way to reconnect with your deck or inner connection/guidance, this is your hook-up. If you have completed my Tarot Level One course, please join me in Cincinnati for this Tarot deep dive, where you’ll read for real live clients with my loving support as your guide.

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