Love Note: The Devil—Shedding Your Earth School Skin


You come into this world naked and vulnerable, yet already clothed in your earth-school skin. From there, you grow in both body, mind, and soul—acquiring adornments and titles; adopting an outward personality that is both groomed and self-made—all to define your place in society.

But the real you, your true essence, still lies beneath that surface, deeper than any physical or mental ability, creed, language, income, job title, or social status. These aspects of humanity are simply nothing more than window dressings, your earth-school uniform, quite often designed and tailored by culture to override your instinctual behavior and the true essence of your being within. Yes, your outward appearance and personality try their best to express your rich and complex inner world, your soul, and your spirit…but how could it? How could it possibly demonstrate all that you are and all that you came here to be and give?

In Tarot, the Devil represents a confrontation with Fear. Its presence in a reading is nothing to be afraid of, though. It’s simply an invitation to become aware of where fear dwells and see if you’re ready to let go of what no longer serves you.

It’s an opportunity to ask yourself the big questions: What’s holding me back? Where do I hesitate? Where have I turned myself inside-out or backward in my busyness? What am I afraid of? Remember, Devil is LIVED spelled backward. What keeps you from truly living free of fear, judgment, or shame? What part of your earth-school uniform are you ready to shed in order to experience a spring soul revelation?

The truth is, we all live with fear. We all come here with karmic assignments, soul journeys, and conditioning. But what if we remembered this about ourselves? If we look beyond the surface of every human we meet—we’d see the kaleidoscope of wonder, beauty, joy, pain, experience, and vulnerability…just as we came into this world…unadorned. What if we held the whole being, not just the specifics of who they are or what they bring, but the whole human being beneath and beyond what our minds and eyes can comprehend? Soul to soul, heart to heart.

In holding this space and practicing the concept of we are all one into your life, you would begin to live without fear, labels, or limitations. And although we are all one, energetic engagement and transformation begin with each and every one of us individually. Shedding your earth-school skin begins with giving yourself permission to overcome your fears during the process, allowing your light to burn so bright others cannot help but see it first and foremost. And in its presence, they will feel safe honoring their light within.

You will see the glow everywhere you look and feel the thread that connects us all everywhere you turn. This frequency will take you places you’ve never dreamed possible and raise the vibration of the planet tenfold.

Here are a few tools to support you as you flip your Devil into Lived:

Do you think this is a big assignment? Yes, indeed. Is it fully supported by the Divine, your Guides, Mother Nature, and the You beneath the surface? Absolutely. Will you still feel fear? Sometimes, yes. That’s part of humanity. But you will evolve through it, shedding, shifting, and letting go to be as free and full of potential as you were on the first day of your earth-school journey.

Love and Light,


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