It’s in the Cards

The world is constantly changing. Tarot takes you out of the confusion and uncertainty of the world and clarifies your unique place and purpose in it.

How Your Spirituality Supports—Not Limits—Your Career

As your commitment to your Spirit path yields insights and “coincidences”—the world becomes more interesting and exciting.  Naturally, you’re enthusiastic to bring your full-self into each interaction you have. This is because human connections take on a deeper meaning and purpose once you begin to see and feel the interconnectedness of it all.  However, when […]


You’ve heard the flight attendant drone on about what safety procedures to take should things take a turn for the worst in flight—most importantly, how to place the oxygen mask on yourself first before taking care of those around you. It’s obvious right? How can you assist others when you are unable to breathe? But what if you applied this advice not only in flight, but here—while grounded—in your daily life?