February Love Note: Queen of Fire—Radical Self-Love


It’s February! You made it through the longest nights of natural darkness, and although it may still be quite frigid where you are, one thing is certain: brighter days are on their way!

For many of you, January was more turbulent than you expected. Hopefully, you have applied the vibration of last month’s Tarot pull and The Strength card and managed to stay centered, calm, and confident. Remember, The Strength /Athena energy is accessible to you at all times; all you have to do is call it in for yourself. Unconditional love and support are always available.  

This month, our Tarot message is The Queen of Fire, another card of confidence, feminine power, and visionary leadership with intuitive insight. The Queen of Fire is sexy, passionate, and charming. Her self-assuredness allows her to share her affection, loyalty, and artistic creativity in a way that invites you to do the same. You cannot help but feel empowered when in her high vibrational field. Remember, you are responsible for the energy you bring to any situation. Mindfully claim the frequency and feeling of who and what you want to be and experience.

Loving yourself is something we all hear about, but the idea of it can also bring confusion because what does that truly mean? If The Queen of Fire could speak to you now (and she is, by the way…), she would invite you to own your magic by accepting and honoring who you are.  Don’t play small, conform, or try to qualify to others what you know to be true for you. Follow your Intuition. Listen for your Guides clearly.

The enthusiasm and love you show for yourself is the vibration you bring to every encounter, and those around you will respond accordingly. It’s safe to Love and Love big: what you do, who you do it with, where you are, who you are, and who you are becoming. And you deserve radical self-love. So, how will you honor the call to dedicate you to you? Here are a few of my favorite ways to tune in to connect: 

  • Time in nature: Lulu takes me for a much-needed walk daily, where we enjoy the greenery of our neighborhood. Mother Nature provides a longer perspective with each bud, rock, and tree. The fresh air enchants me to take deeper breaths as I leave the small immediacy of my computer screen behind.
  • Meditation: My practice is an essential part of my life. Yes, this can be done in nature and moving as well. However, I prefer a sitting practice. It feels more grounding for me. Without this essential practice… well, I can’t even imagine… I get all kinds of inquiries about what IS my personal practice, which is why I created two unique meditation practices you can begin at home, anytime—Activate Your Energy: A Meditation Practice and Ignite Your Intuition. You can learn about them by following this link. Each of these is designed to meet you where you are and guide you to a dedicated practice with ease. 
  • Tarot. If you know me, you already know how much I love and depend on Tarot. The wisdom of Tarot is never-ending and ever-flowing. The beauty and clarity gained through its guidance are profound, life-changing, and life-affirming. Consider signing up for my spring Tarot offering. It’s virtual, and no prior Tarot knowledge is required. 

I share my gifts and love what I do. My in-person workshops bring a unique joy to my heart. If you’re ready to dive deep into Spirit Guide connection, you’re invited to join me this June at Esalen in Big Sur, California, for Finding Your Spirit Guides: Building a Relationship with the Unseen World

And finally, here’s the Tarot pull for all the Aquarius out there: Ten of Earth. Has something material reached completion in your world? If not, get ready—it will. Now is a time of prosperity, family growth, health, and well-being. And there’s a soulmate vibe nearby. Romantic or business-related, someone in your orbit is meant to be there. Love and deep satisfaction abound. Talk about being dialed in! Enjoy your energetic space, Aquarius. There’s nothing but Love here for you. 

Until next month, keep shining bright and love yourself in all the ways that nurture you and your highest good. 

Love and Light,


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