January Love Note: The Numerology of 2024, Athena, and The Four of Fire’s Flame


Our first Love Note of 2024 has a little twist…in the form of the number 8, which, if you turn sideways, is the symbol for infinity—the connection of the physical and ethereal planes. In Numerology, an 8-year is all about this harmony. Can you feel relief moving through you? 

2024 vibrates with the energy of success, balance, goals, power, and prosperity. It’s a karmic number, asking you to give and receive and walk gracefully into the year with confidence, resilience, and an unshakeable belief that you can power through. You got this! 

In Tarot, the number 8 connects with The Strength card. Eights represent connection and being in the flow of positivity. You are coming “up for air” and feel freedom, success, self-reliance, and personal authority. Leadership and executive ability are also represented by the number eight. The Strength card acknowledges the wisdom you’ve gathered/earned in supporting your decisions—keeping aligned to your soul’s True North. 

Of course, you’ll be challenged in 2024, and you can still move forward confidently with your convictions, no longer needing to look outward for confirmation or approval because you can feel from within that you are firmly on your path. The Strength card moves from this strong third chakra position of complete confidence and conviction. It helps you navigate any situation gracefully. 

The traditional message of The Strength card says, “You can put your head in the mouth of a lion and stay centered, present, secure, and safe.” This is why The Strength card features Athena, The Goddess Warrior in The Beauty of the Tarot. Your confidence in yourself means you’ll be comfortable no matter what external situation you find yourself in. Your whole world can expand now. You’ll have access to things, people, and experiences on your life journey that you’ve never experienced before. Athena demands you remember exactly who you are no matter what’s happening around you and reminds you to continue connecting with your centeredness and courage.

The Beauty of the Tarot Capricorn Edition: Four of Fire
Hey Capricorns! Your personal Tarot card as we begin a new year and celebrate your season is the Four of Fire, which aligns perfectly with the vibe of 2024 as a whole. Connect these two energies and focus on unity, success, ambition, and your heart’s desires. We all know you thrive when you merge your professional and personal paths. Just remember to bring pleasure into the mix because, for you, this is a year of celebration in all facets of your life. It’s okay to have fun while crushing your goals. 

Upcoming Workshops to Amplify Your 8-year Journey:

Beauty of the Tarot: Level One Online
April – May 2024

Connecting with Your Spirit Guides 2024: Virtual Course
August 10 – August 29, 2024

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Here’s to making 2024 a great year! It’s all about abundance… not only money but having access to the resources you need (support, mentorship, guidance, materials, people) who will contribute to and support your greatness in the world. It’s about leveraging your ability to see the big picture and empowering those around you to carry out the details. It’s about taking care of your reputation, personally and professionally, as those are barely separate these days. It’s about excellent and outstanding leadership of your life, work, family, and relationships—showing up and being and bringing your best. 

So, Double Down on Love, Light, and Infinite Prosperity.

Love and Light,


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