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The Season of Aliens

Today’s episode is inspired by a recent article in Popular Mechanics. Professor of Pathology School of Medicine at Stanford University, Gary Nolan, says, without a doubt, aliens have 100% already arrived. What makes this declaration so unusual is never before has a member of academia publicly acknowledged alien existence. So tune in, buckle up, and enjoy the ride…because Earth School is hard, and the aliens are here.

Aye, Aye, Aye, AI

Explore the successes and limitations of AI with Julie and Brenda. Though caution is warranted, denying AI’s presence won’t make it vanish. Join us on this unique journey through Earth School as we embrace AI’s existence and navigate its challenges together.

Insider’s Insights: Meditation Hookup

Today, your Other Side Guides share their meditation tips and tricks to get you started on your own practice or enhance the one you already have going.

Julie Bought a Cemetery

Today Julie and Brenda discuss connecting deeper with the Spirits at Julie’s newly acquired home. They will discuss the importance of respecting, honoring, and preserving family heritage both here for the living and for those beyond the veil. Earth School is hard, real estate can be dicey, and sometimes the Other Side might reside right in your own backyard.

Seeing the Invisible

If you struggle with accessing your intuition—often feeling like you’re unable to “see the signs” or hear the “whispers” this is the episode for you! Navigating the world through intuitive guidance can be difficult for many, leading to frustrations and the feeling that you lack the spiritual gifts others have. So it’s a good thing to learn that there are physical tools you can use to access your intuition, talk with your guides, and amplify your spirit connection.

Life Choices: Take 1

Today Brenda and Julie offer you a map to your ideal destination. You’ll learn how to pay attention to your body’s cues when making choices so that your decisions honor your innate navigation system. Earth School is hard—without the ability to trust yourself.

Sh*t Ain’t Real

Habits such as comparison, self-limiting stories, and misdirected energy make you feel all tangled inside. Awareness of your energetic engagement helps you move from habit, comfort, and dissociation into a space of growth and inspiration. Today, you’ll put on your Other Side journalism hat and get to the source of your fact-vs-fiction mentality. Because Earth School is hard without a bit of self-love via self-inquisition.

Grief, continued…

After losing her mother to Alzeihmer’s over a decade ago, today, Julie shares the evolution of her grief process, inspiring us all to lean into the quiet and the profound. Earth School is hard without the unbreakable bond, only love can bring.

We’re still not okay

Finding the space to bring the highest version of you forward is one of the hardest Earth School lessons, and awareness is key. Today, Brenda shares a few of her favorite mindfulness practices to help you navigate some of Earth School’s toughest questions.

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