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Share Weary But Intrigued

Join Brenda and Julie today as they explore what gives spirituality a bad rap, how skepticism is taught, and why young children often gravitate toward healing modalities long before they are told not to.

Departures & Arrivals

Join Brenda and Julie today as they discuss clearing the path for loved ones to transition peacefully to the Other Side from observations and thoughtful questions sent to them by their listener Cathy.

Insider’s Insights #26: The Animal Kingdom

The brevity of a pet’s lifespan is one of the hardest parts of human-animal connections. Join Brenda and Julie today as they share stories and struggles, coming together here on Earth School to bring Other Side wisdom to the puppy play yard and beyond.

WTF is Happiness: The Mental Sphere

Today, Brenda and Julie continue the discussion of the pursuit of happiness without shame. You’ll learn a prayer, affirmation, and tapping technique to use when your mind turns against you. Also why the power of music can regulate and process your emotions.

Happiness: Friends and Family

Today, we discuss the relationships that are crucial to our well-being. Money and status do not benefit your happiness as family and friends do. The bonding that shared experiences bring is an essential reminder that how you feel matters, and what you feel and when you feel it is an indicator of your happiness and authenticity.

How Solar Flares You

Julie and Brenda discuss solar flares—those explosions that occur on the surface of the Sun that affect everything from human emotions, behaviors in the animal kingdom, our weather, communication devices, and both nature-made and man-built structures.

Should I stay or should I go?

Trigger Warning: Assisted Suicide Theme. Julie and Brenda discuss the tender and complex subject of assisted suicide—with respect to the freedom of individual choice—without judgment or ego.

WTF is Happiness?

Julie and Brenda discuss how important spirituality is to your well-being and how openness, presence, and trust are the pillars that uphold the framework of faith. Earth School is an extraordinary sacred journey, and the path toward happiness can be found and felt all along the way.

Take the Quantum Leap

Today Julie and Brenda talk about quantum leaping. Buckle up and get ready to peek into another dimension as they connect the dots of space and time to show how all the layers of the universe come together with perfect symmetry. Because Earth School is hard, and time travel is real.

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