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Hello Spiritual Mentor

Today’s episode is dedicated to a series of questions one listener sent in. Questions we all wonder about as we traverse through the never-ending curriculum Earth-School brings. This episode is a reminder that there is a reason, season, and purpose to everything. Let the Other Side in to remind you why.

Tulsa Teachings

Today we discuss the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921. Julie shares her time spent with Mother Fletcher and Mother Randle, two of the oldest living survivors of the massacre. Their lessons of forgiveness and living your faith bring light to the trauma and tragedy of those horrific days.

Haunted Shmaunted

Should you avoid haunted dwellings and places where death has occurred inside? Of course not. The key? Preparation. Always, always, enter prepared…

Insider’s Insight #10

Today we share the tools you can utilize to assist you in your Earth School calling. Angels, Spirit Guides, and Crystals are here to help you and your loved one. Allow the Other Side’s love to settle your heart and guide your spirit as you navigate through the magic and tender heartbreak we all must face.

Long Haul Grief

There is no right or wrong way to navigate the stages of grief. It’s a part of Earth School that is painful, messy, and holy. Despite many cultural and societal expectations around grief, at the end of the day this deeply personal process is yours—and the bigger the love, the deeper the loss will be. Today Julie and Brenda share stories of grief, and how you can allow the Other Side to hold and comfort you in this sacred, transformative space.

Why Does Evil Exist?

Today, Brenda and Julie share stories of facing evil energy, and how setting boundaries taught them how to take their power back and fear the darkness no longer. Earth-School is hard, without the spiritual strength and light offered by the Other Side.

Let Go My Ego

Earth School is hard when the ego steers the ship. Today join Julie and Brenda as they discuss the human ego, and the subtle (and obvious) ways it pulses and pulls.

Spiritual Mental Health

The mental health of everyone on the planet matters. It is imperative we continue to address this issue and support those in need. And that support includes ourselves too. Inspired by our listeners’ questions, Brenda and Julie tackle this sensitive and complicated topic.


Today Julie and Brenda introduce you to the Enneagram and share just a taste of the awesomeness it reveals about each and every one of us. Through the Enneagram, you learn to build compassion for yourself and others, personally and professionally. Come explore the Enneagram with us! Earth School is hard until you know who you are…