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The Tracy Episode

Today we answer questions from our listener Tracy. We dig into the complexity of feelings, the importance of “grounding” and how to do that, the diversity of stones and crystals, the power of grief, and the importance of tears.

What is Balance?

Today, it’s all about finding balance. Because finding balance is all about surfing the waves of Earth School, with the Other Sides Guides as your surfboard.

If I were an alien…

Today Julie muses on the concept of “superiority.” Where does it come from? Is it fear based? A longing for power? And, she asks, how would aliens view our human tendency to divide one another?

Nodes “Mooning”

Did you know that the Nodes of the moon are shifting signs in the cosmos? This movement occurs every 18 months, and the energy it brings activates deep change with you too.

Insider’s Insights #25

Tune in today for another round of Insider’s Insights, where we address your questions and come together to share our Earth School Journeys. Because we all want to be seen, heard, respected, and understood…here on Earth School and into the beautiful beyond of the Other Side. 

Changing the Picture

Because Earth School is hard, without the ability to find love, lead with compassion, and change the picture so it looks and feels more in tune with the Other Side.

Insider’s Insights: Stuff-n-Things

Today we answer a few ever-thoughtful questions and inquiries from our listeners. First, an update on Julie’s graveyard purchase, where we learn a bit more about the history of her home’s former inhabitants and speak briefly with their Spirits (via Brenda’s gift of mediumship) to clarify their wishes from the Other Side.

Hotel Grief

Today Brenda discusses common themes she hears during readings from those who have departed. We’ll also talk about the guilt that comes with healing from loss, the difference between acknowledgment and preparation concerning death, and how all these tie into facing your own mortality.

The Witch & The Fool

Today’s episode is dedicated to all that we learn when we embark upon a new journey—about ourselves, others, and the world at large. Before any of us enter the space of The Fool, full of curiosity, play, and wonder, we feel uncertain and afraid. Julie and Brenda will calm your nerves with guidance for diving in so the Universe will rise up and meet you.

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