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From protection to preparation to releasing and understanding, each question embodies and explores the power of healing, renewal, and support the Other Side offers you each and every day.


What does it mean to be Indifferent, and do you even care?

Athena, Athena, Athena!

Embodying both the sacred masculine and sacred feminine, Athena’s wisdom brings forth the tools and guidance to elevate your spiritual path. Brenda shares how her Athena ‘sisters’ support and care for one another, both in her Athena’s Magical Secrets group and her Athena in Action program.

Esalen’s Welcome

Brenda gives us a glimpse into the magic that occurred when she traveled to the Esalen Institute, located in Big Sur, California, to teach tarot. From visions that occurred where the sacred waters merge, to feeling held and supported by the high vibe of the land and the Esselen Tribe ancestors who call it home—her experience reminds us all that there is great power in the land, water, and skies above you—every day, always.

Pre-Life Planning

Earth School is hard, until you recognize that every moment of your life is part of a Divine plan full of support, grace, and co-creation. And then, even the most difficult circumstances take on a higher meaning and purpose.

Coping with Chaos

Chaotic situations have the power to turn strangers into friends and enemies into teachers. What is required from you is deep soul-searching work that allows you to be fully present. This, of course, is one of  Earth School’s most difficult journeys. 

Word of the Day

Discover how the art of non-attachment is the softest path when you’re searching for signs and directions. It’s a beautiful process that allows you to move anywhere you need to be as your journey unfolds. This non-reactive state helps you avoid stumbling blocks that would derail your highest good. Learn how and why a meditation practice supports this ultimate state of connection, openness, and peace.

Insider’s Insights

Welcome to a fresh round of Insider’s Insights, where we dive into the questions you send our way! Everything here on Earth School is a form of co-creation with the Other Side. And every time you send us your questions, we all learn a bit more about each other and the world beyond…

Lindsey’s Reading

We all wonder what we’re doing with our lives, longing for meaning and purpose instead of going through the motions. Earth School is hard, and full of internal pressure. The cosmic energy of the Other Side is your birthright—here to give you guidance, and relief.