Up In Smoke: Lindsey’s Episode

Today’s episode comes to us from our longtime listener, Lindsey, who wrote in to ask: Is the use of sage and palo santo for smudging considered cultural appropriation?

For many, smudging is an essential part of their spiritual and wellness practice. As we continue to evolve and educate ourselves, we naturally want to ensure the practices we enjoy are ethically and morally appropriate. The use of smoke to cleanse and clear has roots in many cultures and religions around the globe. Due to the high-frequency sage and palo santo carry, how you procure your smudging materials and your intentions while using them are the most mindful ways to honor and respect smudging’s deeply rooted and sacred origins.

Today, we clear the smoke around smudging, share resources to ensure you purchase your cleansing tools properly and dive into the emotional and mystical components of smoke and ritual.

Because it’s all about energy… and Earth School is hard without some deep cleaning from the Other Side.

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