Share The Season of Death

After noticing a pattern of people close to her jumping the planet during the winter months, our Elf Julie asks: Anyone else going through this Season of Death? Brenda and Julie discuss what we can learn from those who pass and when they pass, plus how to handle our emotions during the different seasons of our life… because Earth School is hard without the Other Side’s divine calendar.

December Love Note: Five of Air, Temperance, and Graceful Embodiment 

This time of year, the social pressure can lead to annoyance or overwhelm and evolve into a real desire to check out. So, it’s no surprise that our Tarot card pull for this month is the Five of Air. It’s a card of adaptability, boundary setting, and a reminder to tune into your inner world when the outer appears crazy.

Share Insider’s Insights #27: Inside Job

Brenda and Julie discuss what narcissists and aliens have in common. Severing someone’s negative energy attachment. And what do exterminators and Chakra colors have in common.

Share Up In Smoke: Lindsey’s Episode

Today Julie and Brenda discuss smudging as an essential part of their spiritual and wellness practice. The use of smoke to cleanse and clear has roots in many cultures and religions around the globe. They also share resources to ensure you purchase your cleansing tools properly and how to dive into the emotional and mystical components of smoke and ritual.

Wyatt’s Mom

Trigger Warning: In today’s podcast contains sensitive subject matter: child mortality.

Brenda and Julie answer, a listener’s question. After Hailey’s infant son jumped the planet: “Is an untimely death always planned as part of someone’s soul contract?”

November Love Note: Ace of Earth—Be the Light You Seek

For the month of November, we talk about the energetic progress forward, forcefulness, and independence of Aces. They indicate something new is on the horizon and carry an energy similar to many of the Major Arcana cards. So, the question is now, what new beginning is in store for you? The answer to that depends on which direction you want to go, and what light you will use to guide you. The big question to answer is, where’s your True North?

Share Caught on Camera

Pulling from Brenda’s and Julie’s text threads, The Witch and The Elf discuss the pictures they’ve shared with one another that prove Spirits are quite photogenic and love to “ham it up”‘ for the camera.

Intensity vs. Sanity

Join Julie and Brenda today to discuss honoring ability to connect with the Other Side while still protecting your sacred space and emotional well-being.

Happiness is…Embodiment

Brenda and Julie look at how you can honor your physical form and use it as a tool toward more profound enlightenment. They explain why we all must have the contrast of the physical and the etheric, the head and the heart, to find our footing on the pathway to true embodiment.