February Love Note: Queen of Fire—Radical Self-Love

It’s February! You made it through the longest nights of natural darkness, and although it may still be quite frigid where you are, one thing is certain: brighter days are on their way! February’s love note is about the Queen of Fire and self-love.

Work for Your Work: Creativity

Brenda and Julie discuss the myriad of ways creativity and innovation take form. Creativity is taking the leap of faith in The Fool card of action and learn how to trust it.

Work for Your Work: Conflict

Brenda and Julie discuss how you may have to accept that you play a role in your happiness. So, you must be part of the solution, especially concerning your professional life. Vulnerability is the key to all problematic situations. Brenda shares advice that provides timeless tools to guide you through times of change and conflict.

Bloodlines or Soul-lines?

Brenda and Julie dive into the difference between soul lines and bloodlines and how they can most definitely merge. Your family tree holds karma, purpose, and possibilities only the Other Side can see. Souls are layered and stacked to carry out a lesson or purpose left undone. Join Brenda and Julie as they dissect the DNA of reincarnation.

The Soul Multiplier

Welcome to our Insider’s Guide to the Other Side episode of the New Year! Today, we kick off 2024 with a series of existential questions certain to make your mind spin.

BEST OF 2023: I saw the sun signs

As the new year approaches, we’re bringing you one of our favorite episodes from 2023: Sun Signs are the most popular and well-known astrological placement in one’s birth chart. Your Sun Sign helps you better understand your gifts, blindspots, challenges, and opportunities during this lifetime.

The Sugar Monster

Sugar is everywhere, and it is quite addictive. Brenda and Julie discuss what happens to the brain when you eat it, how it can feel when you decide to limit it or quit, and ways you can interrupt your eating patterns to be present with what your body actually craves.

Another Holiday Survival Show

Today, Julie and Brenda discuss how to stay sane and set intentions to keep your frequency on point during the holidays. Join their conversation and learn how to prepare for spiritual success this holiday season. Let’s put love into action, give without expectations, manage energy fields, and slay the holidays together.