May Love Note: Eclipse Season and the Gifts it Brings

Here on Earth, the slower pace of summer is beginning to let itself be known, and the cosmos are behaving accordingly. With Mercury Retrograde underway, and a total lunar eclipse occurring May 15-16th, you are feeling the pull to slow down and take life one day and one moment at a time. (And if you’re not quite feeling this way yet, don’t worry—you will.)

Sacred Rituals and Intentions

Life as Ritual. Ritual as Life. This is how you learn to go with the flow, and do so with a clear mind, open heart, and the grace that some days can be difficult to muster.

Insider’s Insight #10

Today we share the tools you can utilize to assist you in your Earth School calling. Angels, Spirit Guides, and Crystals are here to help you and your loved one. Allow the Other Side’s love to settle your heart and guide your spirit as you navigate through the magic and tender heartbreak we all must face.