Vibrational Cycles

Do you ever question what kind of vibe you are putting ‘out there’? Wonder if you are bringing the right energy to a space, moment, or memory? Uncertain if you are bringing a vibe up, or dragging it down? Well, you’re not alone. Being intentional with your vibration and energy is hard work!

Insider’s Insights – Mona Part 2

Todays’ episode picks up where we left off last week—contemplating profound questions, courtesy of our listeners. We also discuss the energy and emotions of Empaths, and the importance of protecting yourself energetically; Sharing tools and wisdom on how to define what’s yours to carry, and ways to let go of the rest. Earth School isn’t always easy… but the Other Side has some pretty fine Cliffs Notes and teachers here for ya…

Insider’s Insights – Mona Part 1

Today’s episode is inspired by our Insightful listener Mona, and her thought-provoking questions about addictions and energy ‘echoes’. And our answers are inspired by the fearless, loving, energy of the Other Side. 

Jenny’s Mini-Reading

Today, you are invited to listen to Jenny’s reading. Using Jenny’s Astrological chart as a springboard, Brenda dives into the importance of cleaning your energy fields, setting boundaries, maintaining rituals, and working with Spirit Guides. 

Julie’s Morbid Birthday

Today Julie shares the story of one very special and emotionally intense birthday celebration, for it was on her day of birth she chose to honor her mother by burying her ashes in a memory garden.

What Earth School Lessons Haunt You?

Today Brenda and Julie discuss your prep work before entering a potentially triggering energy space or situation. With clear guidance on how to set boundaries and make choices for your soul’s highest good and healing, so that you can move forward stronger and more aware of your own power.

Melanie’s Reading

Today you meet Melanie and hear her story as Brenda connects with her family members in the spirit realm. Discoveries are made, tears are shed, and we are all reminded that our presence here on Earth is never an accident. 

Price Tags

When you witness or feel an injustice, you have two choices: stand up, or walk on by. And what’s the karmic price-tag we pay for complacency? Life is not a spectator sport—when something feels wrong, being a bystander takes a toll on your soul. For when you devalue something, you devalue yourself too.

Holly’s Reading

Today’s episode brings an exciting, heartfelt, and unexpected twist: our listener Holly hears from her loved ones during a live reading from yours truly, co-host Brenda Rose. Several spirits come through with messages for Holly, in what is certain to bring tears to your eyes and serve as a reminder that our loved ones who have passed are forever by our side.