The Aura Exit

Have you ever wondered what energy stays behind and what energy moves with you after death? Knowing that energy cannot be created or destroyed—it simply changes state. Today’s episode invites you to explore, consider, and contemplate your energy…because Earth School is hard, and Energy is Everything.

Saturn in Pisces

Saturn is the planet of structure, discipline, and tradition; Pisces is the astrological sign associated with intuition, collective flow, and our psychic center. On March 7th, these two energies merged. The yin/yang energy of this Saturn/Pisces dance will wash away limiting structures and inspire individuals and the collective to designate what’s truly important and what needs to go.

Our Aura

Today we discuss Auras—those beautiful energy fields that shift, swirl, and shimmer around you… an iridescent kaleidoscope of energy.  Auras surround all living things, changing colors depending on mood, moment, and circumstance.

Playing with Pluto (not the dog)

Brenda Rose, a student of Astrology and teacher of all things Other Side, walks you through Pluto’s Great Shift in March. You’ll learn what to watch out for, how to best prepare and be invited to find your personal power as we unite globally under Pluto’s rule. Because Earth School is hard, but the answers can be found in the Cosmos above, thanks to the miraculous design of the Other Side.

Messages from the Crystal Kingdom

Inspired by Julie’s recent time at the Tucson Gem Show, today we dive into all things crystals: their faces, color, intensity, and structure; the mathematics of crystal structure and sacred geometry; and the ways you can use different crystals to heal and energize your world.

The Power of Palmistry

Today we talk about all things Palmistry, aka palm reading. By “reading” your palms, you can see the unique imprint of your life journey. Inspired by a listener’s question, Brenda and Julie explore this fun and fascinating tool of divination, explaining where the lines are and what they represent.

I, Surrender

Earth School is hard, and letting go can be scary—but after release comes clarity. Join us today as we discuss when to shut down in order to level up and how to choose surrender as an efficient and elegant energetic investment toward what you really want and need. 

Are You Embracing or Embarrassed of Your Gifts

How do your psychic gifts show up? Your personal psychic and spiritual evolution can be surprising, alarming, intentional, and ever-unfolding. Today Brenda Rose discusses how you can keep and create a sacred safe space for both yourself and others by applying the wisdom of grace, kindness, and vulnerability in a compassionate, judgment-free way — whether someone confirms your journey…or not.

Tarot Update with Brenda

Today Brenda takes you on a Tarot journey without her Beloved Elf, explaining why it’s her go-to foundational tool for clarity and discernment. Brenda breaks down the process of a Tarot reading: the question she asked, the cards that appeared, their meaning, and the outcome of the reading. The ways to incorporate Tarot into your daily life are limitless…