Moral Dilemmas

Join Julie as she poses a series of questions certain to make you stop and think: What would I do? How would I deal with a challenge like this? It’s choose-your-own-adventure day, presenting ethical and moral right-or-wrong scenarios sure to make you ponder.

Everyday Psychometry

Psychometry is the ability to read an object psychically. Everything in this world emits energy. Therefore, the ability to read the energy of an object is not an obscure talent. With focused intention, you can learn how to develop or strengthen this psychic ability. Today, Brenda explains how to keep your Chakras clean and open, the importance of grounding and stabilizing your energy, and how to call back your energy from the day. These are vital steps toward maintaining and protecting your exquisite psychic body while nurturing your gifts.

Lions & Tigers & Kitties

The Spirit World often speaks through shadows and imagery. You can better understand the transitional messages you receive by speaking to your guides, crafting rituals, meditation, prayer, and journaling your dreams of prophecy. Whether you see the signs or not, symbolic connections with Spirit are here…reminding us all of the magical and vast landscape between Earth School and The Other Side.


Do you believe in aliens? Known for their intelligence yet feared by many, aliens make us question what’s real, who is watching, and why? Today your Other Side Guides talk all things Otherworldly. From the Bayou to the ‘burbs, alien folklore, sightings, myths, and truths fascinate us all. So tune in today as we explore the world beyond Earth School and the Other Side…

Dream a Little Dream

Today we dive into all things dreams: astral travel, lucid dreaming, recurring dreams, and nightmares. As the domain of the symbolic world, the dream-state is also a wonderful, safe space for visitations from the other side, problem-solving earth-bound challenges, and receiving messages from your subconscious mind.

Dancing with Disasters

Listening to your gut is the smartest move you can make. Checking in with your guidance and following through on your instincts is a way to build confidence, experience peace of mind, and honor the spiritual compass you were born with. Earth School is hard, but often the answers are crystal clear.

The Laundry Witch

Today’s episode weaves together tales that remind you of the power of connection, crystals, the spirit world, and how to center yourself in an off-balanced world. Earth School is hard, but it’s also full of magic… embrace it, and play with it!

You are the Captain of Your Energetic Ship

Do you find yourself struggling with what’s “right” while on your Earth School journey? You are the captain of your energetic ship! Today we’ll teach you how to hold space for what’s right for you. Your path is unique, there is no one answer. It’s essential you find your own true way.

Insider’s Insights

Every heartfelt story leaves you wondering more, and today’s episode begins with a story that makes us ask: can a spirit ever be contained? Earth School is hard, and these physical bodies can be metaphorically heavy, but your spirit and soul can lighten the load with assistance from the Other Side.