Angie, Part 1

Throughout your life, you will encounter situations that challenge you to take a neutral, open-hearted space. Today, during our listener Angie’s personal reading from Brenda, we are all reminded of the unexpected twists and turns life brings, and the energy of love that connects Earth School to the Other Side.


From shifts in human rights, spirituality, gender, values, and ethics, each generation’s purpose is to leave a map for the next one. From there, the ‘youth’ decide which roads to keep open and which pathways to form anew.

Insider’s Insights: Spirits, Trick or Treat?

Today we break down the five “Clairs” as a way for you to understand the different ways Spirit presents itself to you. Julie and Brenda discuss how they know when it’s spirit vs their imagination and the vulnerability that’s required when you’re hearing unsolicited advice from the Other Side.


Earth School is hard – and full of distractions… but sometimes, if you look a little closer to the stories you’re watching, you can tune-in and tap-in, simultaneously.


For spirits—both pure and ominent—sleep is a threshold, an opening for communicating with vulnerable souls here on Earth. Sometimes these messages are gentle, sacred, and soothing. Other times, they are wrought with fear. Today we tip-toe in and further explore the world and mystery of sleep—because Earth School is hard, and there must be rest for the weary.

Polishing the Mirror

Seeking answers of guidance that spring from the heart is always part of the transformation process. It’s the merging of your inner world with the outer world; the clearing away of the dust that prevents you from seeing clearly. It’s a brave, vulnerable, and beautiful process, for when we share our stories and ask our deepest questions, we illuminate our world, both here in Earth School and the Other Side.

Connecting with the Other Side

Today we discuss accessible ways to tap into the Other Side and explore the role Tarot plays in building, confirming, and strengthening Divine connection. Just bring your curious mind, open heart, and desire to explore more of the energetic world…

Insider’s Insights

Today we discuss why certain energies seem to repeat themselves in your life, i.e. why do so many people around me have the same name? You’ll also learn how to distinguish a ‘good’ spirit from a ‘bad’ one and how to find, identify, and remove spirits or orbs from your home. We’ll also dive into which crystals are most supportive for studying and for focus.

A Day in the Life of a Medium

Just like the rest of us, each day for a medium is ripe for unknowns, no matter what we think we know about what it will hold. The key difference is: mediums take the time each day to energetically prepare themselves through personal ritual and meditation practices, and they are dedicated to their routines. Mediums know that it’s in these quiet spaces when they engage with Spirit, they will receive the guidance and messages they need to honor. This is the best way to have the best day. Rinse repeat. Proper preparation is essential to serve those on this side — and the Other Side.