Self-Care During Times of Uncertainty


You are not alone in your struggle to stay calm when things around you feel uncertain and unstable. It’s human nature to go into fight or flight mode during times of stress, and during these times we all need a reminder to use our spiritual practices and tools to restore and maintain our high vibe. 

At the basis of these practices is Meditation. There is no better tool to calm your nervous system, center your heart and mind, slow down and focus on your breathing and hear your Intuition. Even a short version at a stoplight or while working at your desk is healing and valuable. Remember, you are never more the eight deep breaths away from resetting your sympathetic nervous system from Fight-Flight-Freeze to your parasympathetic nervous system, Rest and Digest.

When you connect to your spiritual self—you emanate love, well-being, and vibrancy to your city, your world, and your loved ones. 

Om Para Shakti Namaha is a powerful Mantra for this time, and the energy of its sacred sound promotes vibrancy, protection, and healing. Om Para Shakti Namahama radiates the power of supreme cosmic energy and the healing energy of the Divine Feminine. Simply chanting Om releases powerful and positive vibrations throughout your body and into the world. 

Om Para Shakti Namaha Mantra by Brenda

It’s a good time to keep Rose Quartz close by, maybe sleeping with it? In addition to supporting your heart, it’s filled with manganese, which supports your spleen and blood, which creates a healthy immune system and it clears inflammation from the nerves and tissues. The healing energy of Rose Quartz relieves tension and encourages unconditional Love. Love is an energy we all must hold on to, especially during stressful or uncertain times.

Essential Oils are a beautiful and aromatic way to combat stress, promote healing, and support your immune system. Here are some specifics to support your efforts:

Thieves oil has been around for centuries, and when you place 2-3 drops on the bottom of your feet, the healing properties of this oil travels throughout your body to nourish and protect. Thieves can also be used as a home cleaner and diffused into the air for purification. Try adding one drop of Thieves to your toothbrush in the morning. Not only does it taste great, but it’s also an easy and accessible way to support your health and well-being as you begin each day. 

Exodus II was designed for flu. If you’re feeling ill, place one drop on your tongue every two hours to support healing. 

Frankincense is an oil associated with high-vibrations and its aroma eases stress and anxiety. You can receive the maximum benefits of Frankincense by placing one drop on your tongue daily. Its aroma is also beautiful and calming when diffused into your personal space. 

Yes, this is a challenging and unprecedented time. It’s also a cosmic reset for us, forcing us to ask: what’s essential? Just because we’ve always done this way, is it really the best way to do it? It’s an invitation to get creative, be reflective, stay resilient, and restore.

Keeping a soft-focus helps your head from spinning out of it. It’s important to consume enough media to stay informed, but if it’s revving up your anxiety or you become singularly focused, please exercise your choice to focus on something supporting your overall well-being. A stressed mind creates a vulnerable body. A moving body supports a healthy, clear mind.

And if you have a freak-out moment… no problem. Breakdowns precede breakthroughs! But until you get there, reach out to your tribe. Social distancing doesn’t apply to heart connections. Let those live and thrive in your world. We need each other.

You are more powerful when you are centered. You can dial into your guidance better when you are centered, so you know what’s true for you. There’s so much volatile right now, you don’t have to be. Be centered. Be calm. Connect in with your sacred space within. And reach out to your tribe when you need support, or you need to support. Nothing helps you feel fully alive like helping someone else.

Love and Light,


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