Divination School: Beauty of Tarot

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You are invited to a special edition of the Beauty of Tarot course presented in conjunction with Sianna Sherman‘s inaugural Divination School session. Please celebrate this auspicious opening of Sianna’s School with 25% discounted rate for Tarot class. We will gather for five consecutive Mondays from November 2nd – November 30th (11am-1:30pm PST/2-4:30pm EST)on the Zoom platform. Each session will hold two hours of tarot with Brenda and 30 minutes of embodied flow with Sianna.

Tarot is the pictorial language of the soul that inspires and supports your Earth School journey, enhances your intuition, and builds confidence in your own guidance.

Brenda’s decades-long love affair with Tarot is contagious as she weaves the magic, wisdom, and power of tarot through storytelling. Stories that are epic, archetypal, and personal—you’ll be able to recognize yourself and your loved ones in each of these stories. Making each of these stories your own, you develop your own relationship and connection with tarot—that’s where the magic starts.

SPECIAL OFFER receive additional $12 discount when purchasing both the Beauty of Tarot course and Brenda’s Beauty of the Tarot deck use the coupon code: beauty-bundle.

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