Beauty of the Tarot – Level 1 (Waitlist)

Confirmation of your experiences and journey is always welcome. Everyone needs that kind of support in her/his life. When you have all those moments of feeling overwhelmed or when options instances feel “too good to be true,”… Earth School can be hard. Tarot is the answer that guides you through the unknown and chaos by offering steady insight.

Through Brenda Rose’s own deck, The Beauty of Tarot, and its accompanying teaching course, she has guided hundreds toward a deeper connection with this sacred tool of discernment. Her passion is helping people navigate life with greater insight, understanding, and confidence. She has served thousands of clients and students for 25 years, masterfully activating the nuances of tarot’s soul language within their hearts to help navigate their lives with greater insight, intuition, and effectiveness.

Together, you will explore the tarot’s sacred and ancient world. You will access powerful inspiration, awareness, and personal guidance. Brenda is honored to give you this sacred and multi-dimensional system to make your own.

Tarot will validate your intuition, inspire your journey, and guidance for those moments of uncertainty. You will explore an ancient language that speaks with great clarity, guiding you through our modern days. Join us on this sacred deep dive to connect with tarot. No experience is necessary—only open hearts and minds.

Each student will receive a Beauty of the Tarot deck and Level One handouts. This online course will take place via five live 90-minute Zoom sessions plus two 75-minute Zoom Q&A sessions where Brenda will continue to guide, course-correct, and answer questions as you expand your tarot skills.

As with many spiritual practices, you’ll be invited to undertake a 40-day practice. After your 40 days, we will connect to share questions, lessons, and insights about the experience. And, of course, to celebrate the journey! Each student has a special place in Brenda’s heart, and she will always be here to offer guidance.

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