Creating Sacred Space

Sacred space

Are you over-scheduled, overbooked, over-screened, scrambling and still left feeling so far behind? And in that process, are you being kind to yourself? Or are you in a constant state of disarray and dissatisfaction?

The racing that happens around us when we are in a state of stress also happens within. The human body will absorb and process every emotion and action on a cellular level, regardless if we are aware or willing to admit the stress we are experiencing. This stress takes its toll on our nervous system, and it doesn’t lay out a pathway to bring our best selves forward. I work with some amazing people who are exactly in this place and they find themselves feeling not-so-amazing as a result.

My clients come to me saying that they aren’t everything they can be, or they are not where they want to be and mostly they are really exhausted and feeling less-than… feeling like they’re lacking purpose. Then there’s the shame that bubbles because we end up feeling, “I’m the only one who feels this way.”

I got news for you. You are not. I have been where you are. And this is not how the Divine intended for you to feel during your life experience/soul-journey.

I help my clients remember what really matters to them. One way we do this is by creating a “mental breathing room” via a Sacred Space. It doesn’t cost you anything. It can be as luxurious as you want, or it can be very simple. It can be a bookshelf, a corner in your bedroom or bathroom, or an entire room dedicated to peace and tranquility. All it takes is an intention to check-in, aided by elements or items that have meaning for you. These items could be related to your lineage—an item a relative gave you or a photo, or a rock from a favorite family vacation spot. What matters is that when your eyes fall upon it, you remember the “bigger you”—the “you” that is greater than the feeling of being behind, frazzled and overwhelmed. This makes for a very different day than moving from a place of stress. For me personally, in addition to family lineage mementos and items from people who have touched my heart and my life, I like to keep something that represents the four elements of nature: earth, water, air, fire. Being in nature is a big healing element in my life, and because it’s such a big spirit, it reminds me to live life large!

Imagine feeling compassionate with yourself and others throughout your day, or even proud of what you or your team accomplished. When you can spend a few moments sitting in this sacred space, you can breathe in quiet, clarity, serenity, joy… and reclaim a part of you previously lost in the chaos. Just by taking a few minutes to reconnect, you get to move through your day from a solid foundation—from a place of connection that leads to a more centered, calmer you.

What helps you remember and connect with the bigger you? Take a moment now to think about what brings you joy. Close your eyes… what do you see? Look around your space and take note of what objects, photos, and mementos make you smile. Then as you begin to create your Sacred Space, play with it. Adjust as you explore and change, see what works for you over time.

Love and Light,


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