December Love Note: Five of Air, Temperance, and Graceful Embodiment 

This time of year, the social pressure can lead to annoyance or overwhelm and evolve into a real desire to check out. So, it’s no surprise that our Tarot card pull for this month is the Five of Air. It’s a card of adaptability, boundary setting, and a reminder to tune into your inner world when the outer appears crazy.

November Love Note: Ace of Earth—Be the Light You Seek

For the month of November, we talk about the energetic progress forward, forcefulness, and independence of Aces. They indicate something new is on the horizon and carry an energy similar to many of the Major Arcana cards. So, the question is now, what new beginning is in store for you? The answer to that depends on which direction you want to go, and what light you will use to guide you. The big question to answer is, where’s your True North?

June Love Note: King of Earth—Root to Rise

Our Tarot card that accompanies the month of June is the King of Earth. Earth is all about stability, security, safety, and physical well-being. The King in this element is not afraid to work hard, provide for themselves and others, and focused on goals; he is steady, stable, and diligent. So how do you merge this Gemini energy of play with the Capricorn/King vibes of stability?

May Love Note: Seven of Fire—Doing “The Work”

Our Tarot card for this month is Seven of Fire. In Tarot, the number seven represents introspection, inner faith and trust, silence, protectiveness, and getting down to the fundamentals of your personal truth. On the other hand, the fire element is bursting with fearlessness, creativity, and impulsive energy.

Love Note: The Devil—Shedding Your Earth School Skin

You come into this world naked and vulnerable, then you grow in both body, mind, and soul to define your place in society. In Tarot, the Devil represents a confrontation with Fear, but its presence in a reading is nothing to be afraid of. It’s simply an invitation to become aware of where fear dwells and see if you’re ready to let go of what no longer serves you. Remember, Devil is LIVED spelled backward.