Power Moves to Reset Your Mind and Soul

This month I want to share with you a reading that caught my attention and my heart. From one ‘busy person’ to another, here’s your warning that this is about an 8-minute read. I think it’s worthy of your investment, hopefully, you will too.

Between the space of time of a client booking the reading and having it, everything in his life had changed. His former fiancé had died by suicide. During his reading, she came through as the young, vibrant woman she was here on Earth. The intensity of their love could be felt, as well as the gratitude they carried for that love and all that they had shared together. The crushing pain of ending their engagement prevented her from moving forward on her Earth journey, but on that day they were together again — to heal, love, and release.

Why am I leading this month’s Love Note with a story filled with so much pain and trauma? Because where we are collectively at this moment in time — emotionally, physically, politically, and financially — feels like a death of what was and uncertainty about recovery. Adding to this feeling is the knowing that winter is approaching; days are already getting shorter for many of you, and with that shortening, brings (for some) feelings of darkness and further isolation.

It is imperative you take inventory of what’s bubbling up for you; to take time to discern how you can take care of yourself, and of others in a meaningful way. Earth School is hard, and it’s getting harder. As the energy continues to shift, cracks in our very foundation are showing, wounds are being exposed, and/or growing bigger.

“I feel okay, but… I’m not sure.” A friend recently said this to me, and I loved the honesty and realness of the “I don’t know.” None of us know what the future will bring. This is always true, but current times have placed this fact front and center in our psyche.

The combination of monotony and unpredictability weave unfamiliar challenges into long days and indistinguishable weeks and months. These are tough times to navigate, with you questioning: when will it end vs. what’s next? What do I need to do, what should I do, and what CAN I do? These questions are bookended by panic or fear, and that is why having avenues of accessible support (therapy, groups, sisterhood, etc.) needs to be a priority. Many of you have been pushed beyond what you know how to manage, triggering mental-health issues for the first time, or resurrecting former ones you considered healed.

I’ve put together a list of three power-moves you can take to reset your mind and soul:

First, and above all else, be compassionate with yourself. You are here for a reason, divinely perfect in every way — yes, flaws and all. When your emotions feel all-consuming, remember: it’s ok.

Second, stay curious. You don’t get to know exactly what your soul-contract/path was when you came here to live out your Earth School journey. Curiosity is the pathway to non-judgment, keeps comparisons in check, and facilitates the shedding of the Ego. In moments of stress, frame that moment or thought into an observation: “It’s interesting that’s here/happening.” This stops the loop and reminds you that some things you simply cannot control. All you can control is your reaction. So stay curious, intertwine that curiosity with compassion, and do the best you can.

Third, make a plan. Have a list ready of people, places, and support you can go to for self-care and help. If you’re feeling restless, take a break, and play. Put your favorite music on and dance, do some yoga, take a walk, get outside. Changing the mood can be as quick and simple as taking a few minutes to nurture your inner-child and have some fun. One of my favorite go-to’s is Carla Hall’s IG page. Every day she has “recess” to help you shake the blues, take some time to move your body, and have some fun.

If your emotional state has hit the place of an unshakable sadness and depression, here are two resources I want you to reach out to immediately:

1-800-273-8255 is the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. This resource is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Another resource is 1n5.org. This organization was founded by one of my Athena sisters after her husband died by suicide. Through her pain, she grew hope and a lifeline for others. Both of these resources are here to help you in your deepest time of need. Remember, you are not alone. There is help, from live virtual events to videos and presentations, and information. And if you are in a place of contributing to this ground-breaking and life-saving work, please consider donating.

I end this Love Note with one short story: One January, when my nieces and nephew were young, I traveled to Minnesota to take care of them while my sister and brother-in-law went on a much-needed adult vacation. (Yes, I agreed to go to Minnesota in January! Such is love, right?) To put it mildly, it was crazy-cold. As my beloved and I readied the kids for school, we instructed them to bundle up and dash as fast as possible from the car into the school. But when we arrived, what we encountered blew our mind: a playground FULL of children. They were playing, laughing, and running in sub-zero weather without a care in the world. My nieces and nephews joined in, and the energy of playfulness and cheer filled the space. The cold took a backseat to Joy.

I share this moment to remind you that in times of discomfort, resist the urge to bundle-up and rush from one place to the next. Stop and breathe deep. This is how you see the beauty more clearly. This is how you live in the moment without fear or doubt. This is how you see and feel the expansion the world offers to you each and every day.

When you feel like you’re unsure of what to do next, reach out to help someone else. Most likely they are feeling the same way too. Coming together during these times to celebrate all the gifts of being human; to connect with authenticity, vulnerability, and playfulness, strengthens the bonds of humanity. We all need some extra TLC these days. Your life is bigger than just this moment. It’s a complex world, full of heartache and struggle. It’s also full of Hope, Beauty, and Love. Just like You.

Love and Light,


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