Athena’s Magical Secrets 2021: Expanding Love


This is your invitation to an exclusive Athena’s Magical Secrets program, one that is made up of only Athena Alumnae.

Brenda will be going deeper into ritual to create impact in the world from a deep place within. A strong foundation is required for that and each of our alumni have that strong inner foundation. And it’ll be fun to work as a powerful Athena Sister collective!

 The comfort of unconditional support this Sacred Sisterhood offers is a gift that can get you through ‘tight spaces” in healing ways. An All Athena Alumnae expands the Sacred Sisterhood to even higher vibrations!

This year’s theme is Athena’s Magical Secrets: Expanding Love. It may seem like a contradictory message—as enrollment is “limiting.”, but if the pandemic taught us anything it’s when things seem limited—there’s always a sacred space of opening and expansion. It’s truly spanda at work: the endless expansion and contraction of the Universe.

This year we’ll return to the roots of Athena’s Magical Secrets’ first retreat by making sure all Athena Sisters are Reiki initiated (done virtually in a couple of separately scheduled sessions). Then we’ll meet every other month for Healing Circles to offer healing work for ourselves, as well as your family, friends, perceived enemies, and the World. This is just part of the Love Expansion I’m inviting you into.

Each of us brings a special Goddess spark and sparkle —and yet there are the gnawing annoyance, habits, whispers that continue to hold us back, keep us small—and frankly, it’s just too f*cking expensive anymore. Right?! We have to claim our own healing and freedom to be and bring everything we got. That’s another part of the Love Expansion that the world is inviting you into!

We will meet via Zoom:

  • Friday-Sunday, April 9, 10,11: Retreat New Moon in Aries
  • Monday, May 10: New Moon in Taurus
    • Plus May Healing Circle
  • Monday, June 14: Moon in Leo
  • Monday, July 12: Moon in Leo
    • Plus July Healing Circle
  • Monday, August 9: New Moon in Virgo
  • Monday, September 13: Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
    • Plus September Healing Circle
  • Friday-Sunday, Oct 8, 9, 10: Moon in Scorpio & Sagittarius

***Payment plans are available.

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