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Life’s critical decision-making crossroads visit us more than once in our lives. And the suffering that can accompany a state of indecision is universal. Some of us panic, some of us self-flog, and some of us just become paralyzed.

Remember, the space between collecting information and making your decision is a valuable part of your journey.

The time you take to pause, reflect, and consider is of service to you. But when you become trapped in circular and obsessive thinking around the issue, you cut yourself off from the inner guidance that will lead you in the right direction.

So, if your mind is racing and your thoughts are spinning, just STOP. And try these five things to help you shift perspective, gain clarity, and tap in to your inner guidance so that you can make a choice and initiate change.

#1 Physical movement: Exercise of any kind will elevate your emotions, shift your mental state, and help your energy to more fluidly throughout your body. You can go for a walk, play Wii or throw a solo dance party. Just move.

#2 Get outside: If you have been stuck in the “gnat’s eyelash” details around the decision that lies before you, get outside. The great outdoors will help you when you can’t see the forest for the trees. This can be accomplished with something as simple as mundane yard work or with a grand excursion- like a trek through the Grand Canyon.

#3 Go inside: Not necessarily indoors, but inside yourself. Find a quiet space to meditate, read something inspirational, pray, find an affirmation or a mantra to focus on. Still your mind and see what bubbles up from within. This exercise is most valuable and productive when practiced regularly- not just in a moment of crisis when you hope for/expect some magical answer to appear. So if this is new to you, keep at it. Don’t be discouraged if clarity doesn’t come all at once. Be patient and be still, often. And yes, 5-minute meditations or quiet counts.

#4 Help someone: The easiest way to escape the trappings of your own mind is to lend your heart and your hands to another who is in need. I’m not saying you have to volunteer 20 hours a week (unless you want to). Keep it simple; Rake your neighbor’s leaves, be a shoulder to cry on, do a favor for a friend. You will be serving others, serving something higher, and you will be reminded of your intelligent, generous and powerful nature. What better way to get your mojo flowing? Everybody wins!

#5 Practice Gratitude: At least once per day, carve out a few moments to deliberately note what it is that you are grateful for. Count your blessings and embrace any affirmation that brings you back to this great truth: Life is good and it’s going to be ok.

You are capable and worthy of whatever your heart and soul desires, and the life-force energy that makes up all living things is here to support your journey—at all times, without end. Lay down your foundation for the life you love. You are worth it.

Love and Light,


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