How Your Spirituality Supports—Not Limits—Your Career


As your commitment to your Spirit path yields insights and “coincidences”—the world becomes more interesting and exciting.  Naturally, you’re enthusiastic to bring your full-self into each interaction you have. This is because human connections take on a deeper meaning and purpose once you begin to see and feel the interconnectedness of it all. 

However, when it comes to bringing your Spiritual self into the workplace, hesitation can occur. Let’s face it, most women already experience bias in the workplace. Sure, many of these judgments and assumptions have died with the times (thankfully) yet we still often find ourselves working harder to prove our value, intelligence, and ability and disprove old-school assumptions. So how can you utilize your Spiritual practices to elevate your career with confidence? 

Your Spiritual self is unique to you. Your meditations, prayers, Spirit Guides, intuitive hits, and “gut” feelings are fully supported and crafted especially for you by the Divine. You rely on this daily to keep your balance, sanity, and compass aligned to your Highest Vibe. So of course, you already bring the Other Side into your workspace, whether you realize it or not. And there are ways to strengthen this power to take your career and creativity to entirely new levels of intensity, joy, authenticity, and abundance. When you fully bring your authentic self to any situation, your days are better and your path is more clear. Who wouldn’t want that to include their occupation—a part of you that takes a significant amount of space and energy daily and greatly influences your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing? 

As a woman previously immersed in the corporate world, I know that holding spiritual space and engaging fully from this center of my being could often be a challenge for me. It wasn’t until I realized the power my practices held to support my career and interactions that I began to dedicate spiritual space designed specifically to support what I was intending to manifest. Whether it was a presentation that had my nerves frayed, a meeting with someone that felt intimidating, or a report I was working on—I learned that when I asked my higher self / Guides for assistance, the answers came and the path cleared. I call this process “Cooking It Up” and it can be used in any life situation. It’s the way to charge an idea and allow space for spirit to show up for you. 

How To Cook It Up

Step One

Assess the current state, your intentions, and desired outcomes.
The words: energy, environment, vibration, frequency are all interchangeable in this process.

  • Declare your intentions and include this handy qualifier, “My intention for this work is for the Highest Good for All, Harm to None”.
  • Ask yourself, “Do I have a complete understanding of what is the true, current state of the situation, which serves as the foundation of this work? 
  • What energetic environment will be the most helpful to shift the current foundational energy into something that is receptive to my intention for this project/goal/relationship? 
  • How will my desired outcome feel? How will it serve ‘the Highest Good for All?’

Step Two

Ask your Guides, Angels, Ancestors (whomever you prefer) to support you through this process by providing you insight and inspiration, direction, words, or symbols of clarity or affirmation. This may show up in your dreams, meditations, journaling, yoga, walking, dancing, or waking life. Stay Awake and be open to receiving. Dedicate part of your meditation practice to surrendering your vision to the Universe/ Spirit for support and guidance. They will show up for you. They truly want to assist you on your journey. 

Step Three 

Charge your idea, feedback, and intentions with whatever is sacred to you. Some of my favorites are essential oils, sacred geometry, crystals, and handwritten love letters to your Spirit family, or to the Universe. I like to write down what it is I am working on and place it on my altar along with a crystal pyramid (I like Tiger’s Eye, but any kind will work). I also like a piece of amethyst to bring in the highest spiritual vibe and rose quartz to infuse it all with the vibration of love, compassion, and healing. 

I’ll work with this “offering” for a couple of weeks or as long as needed for my specific intention. Follow your inner guidance. 

This practice is a powerful way to keep your energy grounded, hold your space when interacting with others, honor your innate intelligence, and share the gifts you were brought to Earth School to share. For more guidance on this topic and to hear personal stories, check out my recent podcast, Spiritual Career Woman

Love and Light,


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