Connecting With Universal Energy Flow


Connecting with the Universal Energy Flow is like moving through life with an easy-pass on the highway. Instead of stopping for toll roads, searching for coins that slip away and get scattered, you get to fly through without slowing down—avoiding delays and frustrations. It is smooth sailing when you know how to connect with Universal Energy Flow and learn how to use its Energetic place-markers as guideposts. Let your messages guide you.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself: What would life be like without worrying about what everybody else thinks; without losing momentum when going after goals because of self-doubt? How would it feel to live absent of the fear of failure?

Whatever it is that slows you down, you minimize that limitation when you are in the Universal Flow. Universal Flow means you are following and honoring your soul’s path, aka feeling aligned with the Divine. It’s the process of dialing into Guidance that is always there, always supporting you. To hear it is just a matter of paying attention and slowing down… When you cruise with certainty on your path, you actually have more energy to do the things you long for. Then when you reach your destination you are energized, not depleted—because you avoided expending precious energy wondering how you were going to get there, or if you ever were going to.

So how do we tap into this Flow? There are so many ways to connect, and you already do it. Yes. You. You already have so many examples of being in the right place at the right time or following your heart. These are the moments when you know, but you don’t know how you know. This is when you’re lining up.

To ignite and nurture this intuitive knowing, and begin to feel the Universal Flow more clearly as your compass, begin with these four simple steps:

Step One: Slow down a little bit. I know we’re seeking a fast-pass, but first, tap your breaks a bit. Take pauses throughout the day to be more present. This is a mindfulness practice so you can begin to hear those whispers. Whispers (also known as intuitive guidance) will show up for people in different ways. Some people feel it, some literally hear it, some see patterns, and some people just have a stronger intuitive knowing. Slow down to allow very subtle cues to be felt, in whatever way you are designed to feel them.

Step Two: When you do notice something, dive into it. Capture it by writing it down or repeating it until it feels tangible. Take note. Follow the subtlety. That’s where the magic begins. Whether this is in the Ether of your Mind’s Eye, or present in your Dreamworld—when you have these guideposts—take note. Journal, share with a friend, explore the feeling. Attach this to Step One, and be quiet and still so you can feel where it’s leading you.

Watch Justin Micheal Williams describe his process for finding his center and following his guideposts.

Just be to clear, the Universe will sometimes speak in directive messages, which we love! Do this NOW! Typically these messages come in urgent settings. Once when I was in a Barnes and Noble bookstore, I had plopped down on the floor with my bag and coat and was engrossed in a book when I heard, “Look Up!” I was new on this path, so my thought was, “yeah, in a minute”. When I did raise my head out of the book, my purse was gone.

Mostly, Spirit, the Universe, Guides, Angels will speak in messages that are symbolic, or you’ll get a place or a person, but not necessarily specific clarity about that person or place. That’s why you have to dive into the topic and feel around to get more information about what’s next. 

Step Three: Trust. Begin to have faith. If you hear a name or are thinking of someone, that’s when you call them. In your Dreamworld, whatever it is you see, behave as though it were ‘real’… let the images continue upon awakening. Look for the clues and the patterns. Intuition is like a muscle and supports you in many ways. The more you use it, the stronger it grows.

A few weeks after I first met my dear friend, Sianna Sherman, I had a dream about her. Actually, she wasn’t in the dream. But I dreamt I was taking care of a friend’s cat. In the dream, I was having a hard time getting the cat to eat. I tried to entice the cat from under the bed with a bowl of milk and failed. I woke up and instantly knew Sianna needed help. I called her many times that day, but she never picked up. This was not a surprise, we didn’t really know each other. Next, I looked up when she was teaching yoga that evening. I was totally driven by the message of the dream: Sianna needed help. I didn’t know what kind of help, but I knew I was given this message for a reason. I went to the yoga studio and slid a note through the mail slot which delivered the note into the middle of her class that read, “Do not leave the studio after class. I’m coming to pick you up, Brenda.” We drove to my house in silence, we walked into my kitchen where I poured her a glass of orange juice, handed it to her and said, “Drink this.” She looked at me wide-eyed, doubting, and said, “I haven’t eaten anything in 3-days.” I said, “I know. Drink it slowly, let it nourish you. You have to take care of yourself.” And we’ve been friends ever since. 

Step FourMeditate. To amplify the volume and accessibility of your messages, Meditation is key. Being still inside and clearing your mind of thoughts other than what is present is essential. This does not have to resemble the image of someone sitting quietly on a mountainside in Tibet (although that is wonderful!). Walk, swim, garden, be still… practice quieting the mind, for that is meditation. When you meditate, you raise your vibration. The energy of the Creator (Energy, Divine, Spirit Guides, Angels, God, Goddess…whatever you prefer to call it) exists on a higher vibrational frequency than we do physically here on Earth. This is not a judgment that they are better, it is just different. So you need to raise your vibration and to make these connections. Meditation is the bridge that connects you to the Universal Flow.

That’s it! These steps can be a lifeline for you, should you choose to use them.

I’d like to share more two nuances of tuning in to Divine Flow from my life. One is what I like to call Divine Play. That’s when you get a knowing that reminds you there is great Magic in the world, and that Magic is fun. The other is Divine In Action. That is when you act upon a moment without knowing why, but it could very well save your life.

Divine Play is when you think of someone, or imagine a scenario, that manifests in a joyful and pleasurable way. Recently I was thinking about a client that I hadn’t seen in a few years, and two weeks later she appeared in my Saturday morning yoga class. We both thrived in the presence of one another, happy to be reunited and connected again. Divine Play is like a movie trailer that pops in your head before the film is released. You know it’s coming, you know a little bit of the storyline, but you haven’t seen the movie yet.

Divine In-Action is more serious, and often you have no clue why you did what you did, but if you hadn’t, life as you know it would no longer exist. I have a brother who passed away from HIV over twenty years ago. Knowing my time with him was precious, fleeting, and essential, I made the trip to visit him in LA as often as I could. And I stayed as long as work would allow. However, during one particular trip, I flew home early. To this day I cannot explain why – I just knew I needed to get back home. I heard the whisper, “It’s time to go.” So I left, which made no sense. I just knew without knowing how I knew.  The next day—January 17th, 1994—the Northridge earthquake hit. Whenever I visited my brother, my bed was his living room couch. The Earthquake had dismantled and shattered a very large mirror that hung on the wall behind his couch—my sleeping space. Had I been there when the earthquake hit, I would have been killed. This type of Divine In-Action often is like reading the complete movie synopsis—a clear view presented after the story is known and complete.

In both examples above, I knew. I knew something was occurring. I slowed down to listen. I trusted. I didn’t mind what others may think or feel about my knowing, I just followed the whispers down the road they were taking me. Lining up your energy by following the steps above stimulates your ability to pay attention and hear.

Connecting with the Universal Energy Flow is a navigational system that protects, propels, and rewards your journey. It is cruise-control with your hands still on the wheel, a fast-pass through the roadblocks of life. Connecting is your way to align, honor, and feel the Universal Flow.

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Love and Light,


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