Vibration Nation

What does it mean to “keep your vibe high”?

Vibrations are everywhere and everything. You know when something’s “off” and, you know when the feeling’s just right. You emit, receive and absorb vibrations just as naturally as you take in oxygen. These vibrations are direct guidance from your Guides, directing you to either safety or joy, depending on the moment. You can learn how to tune into vibrations with more clarity and heightened intuition. You can also learn how to protect yourself from negative vibes. Today, Julie and Brenda discuss how.

There’s so much beauty and power in the things we cannot see, but most certainly feel. Let’s raise your Vibration, with Love and Guidance from the Other Side.

Brenda Rose (a natural born gifted psychic and teacher) and Julie Rieger (author, The Ghost Photographer, and a natural-born comedienne) will guide you through otherworldly stories and insights to help you harness the power of The Other Side on their iHeart Radio podcast, Insider’s Guide to The Other Side.