Portals…in or out?

A cosmic doorway or energetic gate is a Spirit Portal linking one space or realm to another. A portal can be natural, created, or conjured (don’t do that). Join Brenda and Julie as they take a peek at Earth School’s portals.


Brenda and Julie address one of their listeners’ questions about reincarnation—the who, what, when, where, and why of it all. Much like the Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot, getting “back on the wheel” of life is a process full of duality, one you’ll discern before re-entering this lovely realm known as Earth School.

If you’ve ever wondered why me, why here, and why now… (and who hasn’t?), this episode will give answers and bring comfort.

 A Force of Nature

Today Brenda and Julie discuss the biggest Spirit we have on the planet: Nature. They talk about the importance of communing with nature. As nature heals and inspires, and Spirit loves to commune with you in the most organic way.

The Reincarnationist

Brenda and Julie talk about reincarnation. Inspired by each of their news together they talk about all things reincarnation. From deja vu to “downloads,” life here on this planet is all practice for the next go-around.

Coryelle, the Animal Communicator

Brenda and Julie talk with animal communicator Coryelle Kramer. The loving bonds we share with the animal kingdom are magnified and blessed deeply by help from her and the Other Side.

Alien Probes

Brenda and Julie explore the facts and fiction of alien lifeforms that have enchanted some and disturbed others throughout history and around the globe. They discuss Harvard Theoretical Physicist Avi Loeb who believes meteors found on the ocean floor are probes sent here by extraterrestrial beings. Earth School is hard, and you never quite know what is falling from the Other Side sky.


Julie and Brenda discuss questions from listener Jeff about knowing and fully believing in messages that come from the Other Side.