Brenda and Julie address one of their listeners’ questions about reincarnation—the who, what, when, where, and why of it all. Much like the Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot, getting “back on the wheel” of life is a process full of duality, one you’ll discern before re-entering this lovely realm known as Earth School.

The Reincarnationist

Brenda and Julie talk about reincarnation. Inspired by each of their news together they talk about all things reincarnation. From deja vu to “downloads,” life here on this planet is all practice for the next go-around.

Insider’s Insight #28: For Cop Suey

Join Brenda and Julie as they answer questions submitted by their number one fan, Cop Suey, who is forever on the quest to figure this whole Earth School thing out. Infinite possibilities that are naked to the human eye hold the secrets and line the pathway on your Earth School quest. When you allow the magnificence of the Other Side to do its thing, Earth School isn’t too hard after all.