Running Interference?

Inspired by listener Jessie Cat’s inquiry, Brenda and Julie talk about interfering with someone’s karma or speaking up when you know something about a person. But, of course, what’s right or wrong is subjective. Ego, status, and the urge to be ‘in the know’ can pull us to places we should be hesitant to go.

In-Law Laws

Brenda and Julie discuss the place in-laws have in common with our soul contracts and how to manage yourself and others when family dynamics can be upsetting by setting intentions, avoiding victimhood, and letting go of emotions around a situation.

Insider’s Insights #29

Here ya go: It’s time for another round of Insiders Insights, where we answer your questions and curiosities!


Join us today as Julie shares how a cross-country journey, which begins as a story involving golf and facing your truth, transforms into a bittersweet tale where dreams, decisions, and death intertwine. Tender, touching, and relatable, sometimes “time” is irrelevant when wounds are left open, but that’s how the Other Side holds space for the tears that still need to flow.

Ronan’s Reading

Brenda and Julie’s guest, Ronan, receives his first Reading. With Brenda as his guide, Ronan’s joy shines through. When we learn more about our cosmic connection and Divine plan, self-doubt and self-sabotage naturally disappear. Take a moment to explore another’s story and see the role we play in this magical stage of life.