Spiritual Career Woman

Is it possible to use your Spiritual Practices to elevate and enhance your career goals? Yes, it is! And you should—for when you bring all of you into a situation, you live authentically, with passion and purpose, and show up in a powerful way. 

Today you’ll learn Brenda’s “cooking it up” recipe to set the intentions and create the results you want. Tuning into your Spirit Guides for guidance and support when making important professional decisions is a power-move that energetically lays down the groundwork for what you want and who you long to be. You will connect deeper with the spirit and essence of who you are, and begin to see this beauty in others too. Connections strengthen, bonds are formed, and boundaries that limit you are broken. 

When you ask, you receive. The Other side is here to support you fully, and by working together, your days are better. And a shout-out to our listener Caroline, whose question inspired today’s conversation! 

Brenda Rose (a natural born gifted psychic and teacher) and Julie Rieger (author, The Ghost Photographer, and a natural-born comedienne) will guide you through otherworldly stories and insights to help you harness the power of The Other Side on their iHeart Radio podcast, Insider’s Guide to The Other Side.