Poltergeist isn’t a comedy, Brenda!

What exactly is a portal and should you be wary of them? 

Today we discuss portals and poltergeists—how to detect them, how to close them, and why they aren’t quite as scary as they sound. Julie shares her Ghost Photography origin story, which all began with a portal and a cacophony of birds, but is nothing like a Disney tale. Brenda discusses the power of portals and how they can really wreak havoc on the sale of a house. You’ll also learn where the strongest portals and vortexes exist in the United States, and how to locate portals near you. 

Portals remind us that life is magic here in Earth School. With mindfulness, responsibility, and assistance from the Other Side, there’s no need to fear the things you cannot see. 

Brenda Rose (a natural born gifted psychic and teacher) and Julie Rieger (author, The Ghost Photographer, and a natural-born comedienne) will guide you through otherworldly stories and insights to help you harness the power of The Other Side on their iHeart Radio podcast, Insider’s Guide to The Other Side.