Magical Douchebag

The Holidays are upon us, so it’s a perfect time to brush up on your ‘coping with douchebags’ skills. Today’s lesson comes courtesy of Julie, who shares how she maintained her composure when recently presented with some unsolicited magical douchebag wisdom. 

Of course it wasn’t actually wisdom the douchebag shared… yet it was the moment when Julie recognized how wise she had become. She had resisted matching his vibe and energy. She traded a blow up for the glow up, and simply walked away. 

How can you maintain your composure when presented with confrontation, ignorance, and aggression? How can you mindfully respond in the moment, at a later time, or know when it’s best to never ever give the words or thoughts of another a second thought? You already know you cannot control the actions of another; you are only in charge of your response and reactions. Your power resides in the space where you know who you are— and that’s a space of strength and grace. 

Earth School is hard, and douchebags abound… but you can stand strong in your power and not take the bait, with the tips and words of true wisdom from the Other Side. 

Brenda Rose (a natural born gifted psychic and teacher) and Julie Rieger (author, The Ghost Photographer, and a natural-born comedienne) will guide you through otherworldly stories and insights to help you harness the power of The Other Side on their iHeart Radio podcast, Insider’s Guide to The Other Side.