Insider’s Insights: Grief

Have you ever wondered if a person knows when they are going to jump the planet? What crystals can soothe the earth-bound soul through their trauma or grief when someone they love has passed? What is the life review process like once a spirit is on the other side? 

(And, on a completely different note… for the love of all things caffeinated, why is coffee considered a low-vibe beverage?)

Dealing with the loss of someone you love deeply is always difficult. Today’s episode springs from several questions submitted by our listener Sue (or Chop-Suey for those who know). Sue shared her questions about death with us after her mother’s recent passing. Moments like these are a delicate time, asking us to remember and honor the many contrasts of life: We cannot have joy without grief, just like we cannot get lost in laughter without first shedding a few tears. There is value to our grieving process if we embrace it and love ourselves through the process. For here on Earth School, the price we pay for beautiful love, is grieving those who’ve moved on to the Other Side. 

Brenda Rose (a natural born gifted psychic and teacher) and Julie Rieger (author, The Ghost Photographer, and a natural-born comedienne) will guide you through otherworldly stories and insights to help you harness the power of The Other Side on their iHeart Radio podcast, Insider’s Guide to The Other Side.